Thursday, April 10, 2014

1960s baby

Our house was built in the 60's.  It has all the 60's details that I always imagined a great house to have, including wood paneling.  My husband, and probably 90% of the population would say to paint it. I just can't commit.  The only thing we've invested in is a great couch.  We still have lots of peaces to get, but we are moving slow.  While I honestly like the look and warmth of wood paneling I also like that it doesn't show dirt.  I know if I paint it my kids will mess it up and have it looking like crap in a week.  Maybe I'll paint when they move out.

What's everyones own opinion as far as wood paneling?

Here's some insipration photos.  Keep in mind our couch is there's that.  A cowhide rug will be up in the mix for sure.  I'd also like some antlers.  And a tv that doesn't have wheels.
I'm loving the light fixtures.  
I'm in love with this coffee table.  Right now, for me it's all about wood and fiber and textiles you can resist to touch.

Could you imagine?  Those windows!  

Today is the first day for the Fleeting Flea.  So excited.  Our booth is ready to go.  Sharing a big room with one of my favorite artists.  You can see her amazing stuff here.  I'll be back soon with some pics.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Show update

Just a quick post today about our upcoming shows.  It's been a busy few weeks and we are hitting crunchtime!

This Friday we'll be at The Bauer KC for the 2nd year anniversary of the Gypsy Market.  5-9 at  
115 W 18th St KCMO
 Come out and Celebrate with us!!!

Participating Gypsies:

Elaine Buss Studios
Kira Terrey Jewelry 
Lost & Found Jewelry by See{k} Design
Wanderland Vintage
Wildfire Accessories
The Peanut Gallery
Normal Human
KC Monstrosity 
Casey Ligon
Sára Emami
Dick Daniels
Haberdash: Wit + Style 
Owl+Mouse textile designs
Bearded Fellas
Airplane Aloe 
Dan Ohm Ceramics
Whimsy Vintage 
AnnMann Designs 
HoneyBee Creative, LLC
and many more!!!

Then, next week is the Fleeting Flea in Ranchmart.  It's going to be great.  We've been in the space for a couple weeks now painting like crazy and getting our booths set up.  

As always you can find us at Holy Cow on Sundays slinging vinyl and vintage clothes.

Peace and Love!  

Friday, March 28, 2014

A year of Ethical Fashion- The big difference

Have you ever bought a shirt from a big name retailer and after the first washing it fits dramatically different?  Or, better yet, you go to fold it and the seams are so off you can't even fold it properly?  (*not that i would fold anything properly...or at all for that matter.).   You do, for the most part, get what you pay for.   It's hard to complain when you pay $4 for a shirt right?  

Several years ago I made a change in how I buy clothes.  Even clothes for my kids.  I shop A LOT at thrift stores, estate, and garage sales.  Its amazing how many great things both new and vintage you can find.  Don't get me wrong you can still find me at target perusing all their cute clothes....I just don't buy them as much anymore.  

If you do thrift be selective.  Keep your eye out for high quality designer or handmade goods. They are ususally made well and will last.  Don't be afraid to do some minor mending or even take it to a tailor.  It's usually worth it.  The main reason for my switch wasn't as much the frustation at cheaply made clothes, but the fact that they all end up in the trash.  I'm afraid we are burying our future in a mountain of garbage.  

The suits and dresses below are mostly from the 40s.  They all came from the same person and were loved.  The details are amazing and beautiful. 

 I think there is something to be said about the way our Grandmothers dressed.  They may not have had much, but what they had was nice.  It was a big deal to get a nice suit and they were often handmade or made specifically by a dressmaker.  We live in such a throw away, stuffed closet kind of world.  Is it really necessary to have 30 pairs of jeans?  The older I get the more I want to buy staples that will last for a while. 


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